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R Greenstone
26 October
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Disclaimer for idiots: This journal contains FICTION writing, and even occassionally, reflections on FICTION, praise of FICTION and other references to FICTION. If you don't know what FICTION means, please buy a dictionary and look it up.

I'm a major Buffy freak, I study, I play on the internet all the time....What else could there be to know about me....?

And the best email address to get hold of me is greenstone_jade@yahoo.co.nz or greenstone.j@gmail.com (Sorry for the oversight, Janet *grin*)

And the layout...the amazing and talented amavel_bel...she did like 40 Spangel layouts for spring_spangel and should be praised and shrines built and...ok...but seriously, that many layouts and idiot proof instructions on how to use them...*is humble*

Oh, and finally throwing this into the mix *blushes at how long it took her to work out how*

Any other pretty pictures I should have here guys? Well, there is the famous pics of Spike and Angel naked, I suppose *grin*

Spike is the brown and white one, Angel is the one with the black

And Squee!!! Look what lilaeth made me for my birthday!

But her note is priceless Hope you like this young vampire loveslave. The poor boy's been brainwashed to serve only your pleasures and it's at your choice wether to release him or to...give him release*eg*
(Warning, do be aware of the possibility of angry Irish vampire demanding his property back. Management will not stand for loss of property.)

*jumps around happily* I have a much prettier user page now!!

Friendlng policy: Ummm...if I have spoken to you a couple of times and remember you...I'll friend you, if I worship the ground you walk on...I will friend...if you write amazing fics...I will friend you and be envious...Does that cover everthing? Oh, if you are New Zealander and into Spangel, then you are a dead cert cause I want to covet every Kiwi to Spangel, so that Joss can bring the boys down here to shoot the next series...*enters the denial bubble about season 6*